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Archery Marshal
Lord Rónán mac Ímair (RJ Hanagan)
(703) 996-9714 (H)
archery AT

Deputy Archery Marshal
Baroness Margaret Lad (Megan Ladd)
archerydeputy AT

Regular Schedule
Meets: Once a week
When: Sundays
Host: Lord Naran Numuchi
Location: Lake Needwood
Time: 12-2pm (winter schedule) as weather permits

Winter Schedule (shared with Stierbach)
Meets: Once a week
When: Fridays
Host: Lord Grimm
Location: Bull Run Archery Center
Time: 5-7pm

Contact one of the archery marshals for more info on scheduling, location, etc.

Getting Started

No special safety gear is required. Just a bow (no compounds), and some arrows (preferrably wood) with target points. Some loaner gear may be available depending on the marshal (or marshals) hosting the practice or event. Contact one of the marshals if loaner gear is needed.

Target Archery Scores

View the archery rankings of those members of the Barony of Ponte Alto who have shot three Royal Rounds.



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