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Tournament of Love and Beauty
Barony of Ponte Alto
February 17, 2018
Loudoun County Fairgrounds, Leesburg, VA

In the throes of winter, in the Barony of Ponte Alto, a passage of arms will be held that exemplifies chivalric love and beauty, both on and off the field, as can be found in the ballads and tourneys of the 15th century.

Let all combatants from the baronies, cantons, shires, colleges, and border-marches that are in this most noble Kingdom of Atlantia and all other Known World Kingdoms know that on the 17th of February, in the Barony of Ponte Alto, there will be a very great festival of arms and a very noble tourney with weapons of measure and tourney swords, in appropriate armor, with coats of arms of the noble tourneyers, as is the ancient custom.

The winner of the tourney will "crown" their consort with the halo of Love and Beauty. Moreover, we entreat all who intend to participate in the tourney to bring with them their best displays of heraldic achievements, including banners, shields, surcoats and crests. Points earned within the Heraldic Displays competition will be added to the overall score of the respective fighter.

Inspections and authorizations will begin at 10:00 am with Tournament to begin promptly after. Prior to the start of the tournament there will be a Grand Procession of combatants and their consorts.

For the purpose of clarifying the event and its intent, this tournament is designed to feature the consorts of the tournament fighters. We encourage fighters to select a consort who may not have been fought for in the past, in order for them to enjoy a day of pageantry and medieval tournament. As such, we would prefer non-fighting consorts, but recognize that established couples may desire to fight for one another upon the same field of battle.

If a fighter and consort are both fighting, they must fight for each other (no stacking of points - this is not a team fighting event) and if a couple comes up against each other on the list then they are both required to choose seconds. Another couple cannot be chosen as seconds, or points will be forfeit. E.g.: Lord Joe and Lady Jane have declared as a couple, and they pick seconds Lord Bill and Lady Brenda, who have also declared as a couple. Lord Joe and Lady Jane's points are now forfeit.

Final tournament format and scoring is still under works, but an FAQ will be posted soon.

A&S Activities: A&S Activities will take place downstairs in Sykes Hall, the heated building on the site. Please have your items set up by 11:00 and picked up by 3:00 to allow time for set up for Court and Feast.

There will also be a Consort's A&S competition. An A&S entry may be EITHER a static display or a bardic performance. While entry is not required by all consorts, consorts who provide an entry will earn points towards the tournament.

You do not need to be a Consort to participate in the A&S activities. Everyone is eligible to enter for a chance to win the overall A&S top prize. There will also be room for an open display of any items.

As the Baron and Baroness of Ponte Alto will be seeking to fill the position of Baronial Artisan there will be an A&S competition held to seek out a new champion. Their Excellencies of Ponte Alto will also be seeking to fill the position of Baronial Brewer and Baronial Bard. For those planning to compete for the honor of Baronial Brewer, please set up any beverages you wish Their Excellencies to partake in by 11:00. For those planning to compete for the honor of Baronial Bard, competition details will be forthcoming.

Merchants: Merchants are welcome. More information to come.

Photography: Photography will take place in Sykes Hall. Times TBA.

Lunch: Lunch information will be forthcoming.

Feast: A sumptuous feast will be prepared by Chef Baroness Aine ingen Chuimin and Sous chef Lady Yrsa Geiradottir. Feast spots will be available by reservation only. There will be 20 spots for off-board seating, available first come, first serve. Sign ups will be posted at Troll the morning of the event. Please contact the autocrat with any dietary restrictions. Menu will be forthcoming.

Feast Menu

First Remove:
Tart for Ember Day:
Onions, parsley, sage, cream cheese, eggs, butter, currents, sugar, cardamom, mace, short crust (flour, butter, salt, water)
Mushroom Pasties:
Mushrooms, cheddar cheese, parmesan cheese, olive oil, salt, ginger, pepper, short crust
Fried Pork Balls:
Ground pork, eggs, bread crumbs, allspice, ginger, cloves, pine nuts, salt, flour, sage, oil for frying

Second Remove:
Ravioli with sage butter:
Pasta dough (flour, eggs, salt, oil) ricotta cheese, eggs, butter, shallots, Romano and parmesan cheese, sage, butter
Savory Green Soup:
Scallions, spinach, chicken broth, sugar, cardamom, coriander, eggs, rice flour almond milk
Loin of Pork
Pork loin, cloves, garlic, salt, pepper
Parsley Bread with butter

Third Remove:
Herb Custard:
Green herbs, parsley, mint, sage, fennel, etc. eggs, salt, butter
Golden Leeks and Onions:
Leeks, onions, chicken broth, brown, sugar, pepper, cinnamon, cloves
Beef Steaks:
London broil steak, salt, pepper
Bread with butter

Fourth Remove (Fin):
Fried Oranges:
Seedless oranges, brown sugar, nutmeg, mace, cinnamon, flour, baking powder, salt, egg, milk, oil for frying
Rice Pudding:
Rice, almonds, sugar, honey, water, currents

Notes from the Chef: There will be 2 sauces to go with the Pork loin and the Steaks, they are as follows:
Lombard Mustard: Honey, mustard, wine, wine vinegar, cinnamon
Spiced Wine: Wine, vinegar, ginger, cinnamon, pepper, salt

All dishes and recipes are subject to change due to availability, although I don't really see that as a problem. I am planning on making one batch of each recipe gluten free (except breads) more if there are enough reservations requesting gluten free. If there are enough vegetarian requests I will also make a batch of the leeks and onions, and savory green soup without chicken broth. If someone is truly is allergic i.e. has an anaphylactic response to anything in this feast please don't eat it. I will do my very best to prevent cross contamination and contact, however I cannot guarantee that.

Children's Activities: Ponte Alto's minister of minors, Lady Annika Siltanen will be hosting a children's corner from 2:00-4:00 PM in Sykes Hall.


  Pre-Registration On-Site Feast
Adult Member
$13 $15 $12
Adult Non-Member
$18 $20 $12
Child (6-17 yrs.)
$6 $6 $12
Child (6-17 yrs.) Non-Member
$6 $6 $12
Under 6 yrs.
Guests of the Barony Guests of the Barony Guests of the Barony

Reservations: Lady Vadoma (Marlene Martineau), 969 Ferndale Ave, Herndon, VA 20170, justvadoma [AT]
Make checks payable to:  SCA, Inc., Barony of Ponte Alto.

Autocrat: Lady Vadoma (Marlene Martineau), 969 Ferndale Ave, Herndon, VA 20170, justvadoma [AT]

Site: Loudoun County Fairgrounds, 17558 Dry Mill Rd, Leesburg, VA 20175-7007.
Troll opens at 9:00am and closes at 1:00pm.  Site closes at 7:00pm.

Site restrictions:  Fighting will be held in the barn. For pictures of the facilities, please go here. No open flames. Alcohol is permitted.  Dogs not allowed in the main hall.  Dogs are welcome in the Barn, but must be leashed and cleaned up after.

Directions: Loudoun County Fairgrounds, 17558 Dry Mill Rd, Leesburg, VA 20175-7007

Google Maps also has helpful information.

From points North, South, and East:

Take your best route to the Dulles Toll Road/Greenway (Rt 267) off of the Washington Beltway (I-495). Go through the toll booth(s) past Dulles Airport. Merge onto VA-7 W via EXIT 1A on the LEFT toward LEESBURG / WARRENTON. Take Route 9 West Exit (stay in left lane of exit). At STOP sign at end of exit turn left and proceed over bridge that crosses Route 7 (stay in the left lane). Proceed to STOP sign and turn left onto Dry Mill Rd. Travel approximately 1 mile to Fairgrounds entrance on left.

From points west of Leesburg:

Take Route 7 East (Harry Byrd Hwy) towards Leesburg, VA. Take Route 9 Exit. At STOP sign at end of exit turn right and immediately get into the left lane. Proceed to STOP sign and turn left onto Dry Mill Rd. Travel approximately 1 mile to Fairgrounds entrance on left.


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