Arms of Ponte AltoThe Barony of Ponte Alto


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Herald's Badge

Ricart Berenguer Falcón (Richard Altstatt)
herald AT

Deputy Herald
Lady Éadaoin an Fheadha inghean Uí Shéghdha (Sarah Stango)
deputyherald AT

Baronial Order and Awards

The Barony of Ponte Alto has one order, the Order of the Garland, which is given to recognize attainments in the arts and sciences, skill in combat, and/or service to the Barony. The badge of the Order is a yellow garter in annulo. The usual token of the Order is a yellow garter worn about the recipient's arm or leg or hung from the wearer's belt.

The Barony also has three awards for specific disciplines:
   Onore del Ponte d'Oro (Award of the Golden Bridge) - to recognize service to the Barony
   Onore del Ponte d'Argento (Award of the Silver Bridge) - to recognize attainments in the arts and sciences
   Onore del Ponte Nero (Award of the Black Bridge) - to recognize skill in combat (formerly known as the Onore del Ponte di Ferro, Award of the Iron Bridge)

The Barony also awards the Baronial Bead, usually for a single, specific deed, such as autocratting an event. The recipients of the Bead are not tracked.

Baronial Order of Precedence

Derived from the Kingdom Order of Precedence, the Baronial Order of Precedence lists current members of the Barony.

Baronial Roll of Arms

The Baronial Roll of Arms lists current members of the Barony for whom registered device images have been submitted.


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