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Baronial Heavy Badge
The Baronial Heavy Champions of Ponte Alto

For Baron Niall and Baroness Teleri
Start Month Heavy Champion
March 1993?
March 1994?
March 1995Thomas of Calais
For Baron Ranulf and Baroness Caitlyn
Start Month Heavy Champion
March 1996Rinaldo Diego
March 1998?
For Baron Donald and Baroness Winifred
Start Month Heavy Champion
March 2000?
March 2001Kevin of Thornbury
For Baron Thomas and Baroness Denise
Start Month Heavy Champion
March 2002?
March 2003Erec Jeudenfreunde
For Baron Marcellus and Baroness Belphoebe
Start Month Heavy Champion
March 2004Marie Thérèse Normand
March 2005Kevin of Thornbury
March 2006Jürgen van der Vols
March 2007Matthew Dredge
For Baron Jurgen and Baroness Flora
Start Month Heavy Champion
March 2008Aethilgar Sheldwich
For Baron James and Baroness Katharine
Start Month Heavy Champion
March 2009Lukas von Aych
For Baron Drogo and Baroness Adina
Start Month Heavy Champion
March 2011Lukas von Aych
March 2012Kevin of Thornbury
March 2013Cunen Beornhelm
March 2014Marie Thérèse Normand
For Baron Alric and Baroness Cellach
Start Month Heavy Champion
March 2016Arthur of the Black Marsh
February 2017Bryn Tannahill

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