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Baronial Roll of Arms

Baron Naran Numuchi
Device of Naran Numuchi
Azure, in pale three arrows fesswise argent, in base a demi-sun issuant from base Or
Name registered with the College of Arms in February 2012.
Device registered with the College of Arms in February 2012.
[AKA Tselmeg]
Award Date Award
8/12/2010 King's Missiliers (Atlantia)
1/22/2011 Ponte Nero (Ponte Alto) (Atlantia)
10/20/2012 Coral Branch (Atlantia)
10/19/2013 Garland (Ponte Alto) (Atlantia)
11/23/2013 Opal (Atlantia)
3/29/2014 Yew Bow (GoA) (Atlantia)
8/10/2016 Supporters (Atlantia)
10/7/2017 Fountain (Atlantia)
2/17/2018 Golden Dolphin (GoA) (Atlantia)
9/8/2018 Oaken Oar (Marinus) (Atlantia)
2/16/2019 Territorial Baronage (Ponte Alto) (Atlantia)
There are 11 awards.

Device image courtesy of Seamus the Tinker, 8/2012.

Device images are the property of their creators and are used here with permission. For information on using device images from this website, please contact the Clerk of Precedence, who will assist you in contacting the original creator of the piece. Please respect the legal rights of our contributors.


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