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Ponte Alto Pennsic Encampment - July 26 - August 11, 2024

Welcome to the planning website for the Barony of Ponte Alto's Pennsic War Encampment!

Encampment Information

We are now officially registered as a group for Pennsic 51.
Pennsic Homepage:

Our group name is: Barony of Ponte Alto

If you plan on camping with the Barony please use the group name EXACTLY as above when you register for Pennsic. If you register online there will be a drop down menu where you can select "Barony of Ponte Alto". When you do register you MUST send the registration numbers of everyone in your encampment, including ghosts, to the Baronial Land Agent via the Baronial Registration Form.

If you plan on camping with the Barony, please register by mail by May 31st or register online by June 16th. Land allotment is calculated from the people registered by then. Although we would try, there may not be enough space to accommodate you if you do not pre-register. If your plans are still uncertain as of June 16th, refunds are available until June 16th minus a handling fee of $5. Please visit the refund section of the Pennsic Pre-Registration page for more information:

Pennsic Pre-Registration Page:
The Pennsic pre-registration web site allows you to enter all your campers and ghosts into the pre-registration system, and generate PENN numbers for each, without having to send payment right away. Please setup a login account at the Pennsic pre-registration page and generate the PENN numbers for your campers before filling out the Baronial registration form.

Pennsic Maps:

The Baronial encampment will again use a common land set aside of 75 sq. ft. per person. When you pre-register each person is allotted 250 sq.ft. of land. 75 sq. ft./person is deducted from that area in order to provide for common area, walkways, showers, fire pit, and vehicle access, etc. Please visit the Land Calculation page for more details and to calculate your land usage.

If you are planning to stay in a hotel, please consider registering with the Barony of Ponte Alto as your campsite. No matter where you stay you are allotted 250 square feet of Land at Pennsic for pre-registering.

In order to make our camp comfortable there are some camp fees. This is to cover expenses such as firewood, propane for the shower, hose, water filters etc. We strive to keep this as low as possible.

Improving our camp at Pennsic is an ongoing goal; we would like our Baronial Encampment to be a welcome and comfortable place for our fellow Pontoons, Atlantians and our friends and neighbors at Pennsic.

Land Agent Contact Information:
Henry "Heinrich von" Holstein
pennsic AT


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