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Onore del Ponte d'Argento (Award of the Silver Bridge)

Onore del Ponte d'Argento - Badge

The Onore del Ponte d'Argento is given to recognize attainments in the arts and sciences.

The registered badge of the award is Sable, on a fess Or between a harp and a pair of calipers argent, a single-arched bridge sable.

Awarded by Baron Thomas of Calais and Baroness Denise Duvalier

Lady Katharine Devereaux (8/14/2003)
Lady Áine Sindradóttir (11/8/2003)
Lady Allasan bhán inghean Fhaoláin (11/8/2003)
Perronelle la peintre (11/8/2003)
Lady Cassandra Arabella Giordani (2/21/2004)

Awarded by Baron Marcellus Capoziello da Napoli and Baroness Belphoebe de Givet

Lord James de Biblesworth (8/17/2004)
Lady Renata von Hentzau (9/18/2004)
Lord Jonah M'Coghlane (8/18/2005)
Lady Branwen Bach (8/18/2005)
Lady Marsaili Johnston of Lockwood Moss (9/17/2005)
Lady Pippa Morosini (2/18/2006)
Lord Connor Sinclair (2/18/2006)
Lady Courtney of Houghton (2/18/2006)
Lady Brigid O'Hara (8/15/2006)
Lord Jürgen Göttsfürböter (Joorkin Volz) (8/15/2006)
Lady Talitha of Avalon (2/23/2008)

Awarded by Baron Jürgen Göttsfürböter (Joorkin Volz) and Baroness Flora de Bayeaux

Baroness Celia of Rosedale (8/7/2008)

Awarded by Baron Jürgen Göttsfürböter (Joorkin Volz)

Sir Grethfurth Wulfstan (12/13/2008)
Lady Sian verch Gwilim ap Lewelin (12/13/2008)
Lady Rhiannon verch David ap Madyn (12/13/2008)
Jamie of Ponte Alto (12/13/2008)
Margaret (12/13/2008)
Lady Delphina the Mad (12/13/2008)
Baron Marcellus Capoziello da Napoli (12/13/2008)

Awarded by Baron James de Biblesworth and Baroness Katharine Devereaux

Lord Geoffrey ap Clywd (8/4/2009)
Lord Drogo Rainulf de Dragonera (10/23/2010)

Awarded by Baron Drogo Rainulf de Dragonera and Baroness Adina von der Heide

Lady Béibhinn Mhodartha (2/25/2012)
Aveline Scargill (8/8/2012)
Baroness Emma West (10/20/2012)
Lord Axum O'Neal (1/12/2013)
Lady Ariel Benne Douw (1/12/2013)
Lady Johanna le Paumer (2/15/2014)
Sarah of Ponte Alto (10/25/2014)

Awarded by Baron Alric the Mad and Baroness Cellach Mór

Häkon (10/22/2016)
Lord Randall Clark (2/17/2018)
Andrea Pellegrini (2/17/2018)
Lady Ciosa di Tommaso (8/9/2018)
Lady Vadoma (11/3/2018)
Lady Ailleann O'Meighan (2/16/2019)


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