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Ponte Alto Events

Yule on the Bridge :: December 9, 2017 :: Details Coming Soon

Kingdom Events

The Kingdom Event Calendar lists all registered events in Atlantia.

Ponte Alto Activities

Ponte Alto hosts many weekly and monthly activities as described in our Weekly Activities Schedule.

Directions to Ponte Alto's local activities may be found on the Directions page.

For your convenience, all known monthly activities are displayed in the Monthly Calendar.

Business Meetings

Meets: the fourth Sunday of every month
Next meeting: Sunday, July 23, 2017
Location: St. Paul's Lutheran Church, 7426 Idylwood Rd, Falls Church, VA 22043
Time: 5pm

Everyone is encouraged to attend the Barony's Business Meetings!

Newcomers Meeting

Newcomer's gatherings are open to everyone old or new. No garb required. Come hang out, talk, meet new people. Feel free to bring a project to work on.

Next Meeting: Friday, August TBD, 2017

Sewing Circle

Meets: Once or twice a month
Next meeting: August TBD
Host: Lady Margaret Lad
Location: 2810 West Glen Drive, Apartment 21, Falls Church, VA 22046
Time: 7-9pm
Notes: Please park in visitor parking, across from the office and facing West Street. Steps going up to the apartment on the second floor

The Sewing Circle is an open group for anyone to work on, discuss, and learn about sewing-related projects (which might include garments, embroidery, knitting, weaving, dyeing, etc). We are a diverse group of all different skill levels, and all are welcome to join.

If you'd like to host or need the address please contact Lady Margaret Lad (mka Megan Ladd) at webminister AT

For more information, please visit the Sewing Circle's Facebook Group.

All Things Lacy

Meets: Once a month
Next meeting: August TBD
Host: Lady Vadoma
Location: 631 Oak Street, Herndon, VA 20170
Time: 7-9pm
Notes: Please park on Pearl Street, not in the driveway. Pet alert: There will be a pug on the premises so medicate if necessary!

In these sessions, we would do everything from sharing research to working on complex embroidery projects. We will focus on more complex styles of embroidery (cut work, hardanger, ponte aria, lefkara, Elizabethean) and explore more than just the basics offered at University.

For more information, please visit the Sewing Circle's Facebook Group.

Ponte Alto Singers

Meets: the second and fourth Tuesday of every month
Next meeting: Tuesday, August 22, 2017
Host: Lady Annika Siltanen and Lord Hannus Siltanen
Location: 11130 Saffold Way, Reston, VA 20190
Time: 7-9pm

The singing group is open to anyone interested in learning both period (pre-16th century) and SCA original compositions.

If you are interested in joining and need the location information please contact Lady Annika Siltanen (mka Eliisa Harman) at mom AT

For more information, please visit the Ponte Alto Singers' Facebook Group.

Scriptorium and A&S Night

Meets: the fourth Monday of every month following that Sunday's business meeting
Next meeting: Monday, August 28, 2017
Host: Baroness Adina and Baron Drogo
Location: please contact Baroness Adina von der Heide at adinavdh [AT]
Time: 7-9pm

Scriptorium and A&S night open for anyone to bring a current calligraphy, illumination, or other A&S projects or for A&S discussions and ideas.

If you are interested in joining and need the location information please contact Baroness Adina von der Heide at adinavdh [AT]

Baronial Progress

July 28th - August 13th Pennsic War Slippery Rock, PA Alric and Cellach
September 8-10th Raven's Cove Baronial Birthday Richlands, NC Alric and Cellach
September 16th Fall University Mineral, VA Alric and Cellach
September 22-24th Sacred Stone Baronial Birthday and Investiture Blacksburg, SC Cellach
September 22-24th Battle on the Bay & Lochmere Investiture Upper Malboro, MD Alric
September 29th - October 1st Bash with Bacchus Big Island, VA Alric and Cellach
October 7th Fall Coronation Augusta, GA Alric and Cellach
October 18-22nd War of the Wings XII Boonville, NC Alric and Cellach
November 4th Fall Crown Tournament College Park, MD Alric and Cellach
November 11th Fantastic Beasts & Where to Hunt Them/Baronial Birthday - Dun Carraig Nanjemoy, MD Alric and Cellach


Both are fans of still water, lightly sweetened coffee, and tea -- iced or hot. As well as simple meats, breads, cheeses and fruits, nothing too sweet or too dense.

He prefers well-aged single malt scotch and a good IPA. And believes vegetables are what food eats.

She sips a dry white wine or low sugar spirit -- such as vodka -- occasionally. (And rarely indulges in an icy cheerwine). Please note Her Excellency has several food sensitivities and begs your forgiveness in advance if she is unable to partake in your delicious creation. She is allergic to pork, cilantro, and coriander. And she believes fish are friends, not food.

If you are making things foodie or crafty they prefer that you create gifts for largess or gift baskets as there are so many amazing people they'll want to recognize.


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