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The History of Ponte Alto

The name "Ponte Alto" is Italian, and means "high bridge." Due to the large number of bridges over the Potomac River in the area of Arlington and Fairfax Counties in Virginia, it seemed an appropriate name. Ponte Alto began as an incipient Canton within the Barony of Storvik. Growing quicky, the Barony went from official Canton status to incipient Barony in a matter of minutes during one royal court. Ponte Alto was elevated to full Baronial status at the Investiture of Niall and Teleri, on leap day, February 29, 1992.

Baronial Charter

A beautiful scroll of our original Baronial Charter was made by Gwyneth Maeve of Falconguard with help from Thorin aus der Schwarzrose. It includes the registered devices of founding members of the barony along with the Baronial arms.

Historical Event Matrix

Since the historically traditional event weekends for northern Atlantian groups have been under heavy discussion lately, Mistress Anne of Carthew put together an event matrix (PDF) showing which northern Atlantian groups hosted events which weekends from 1998 through 2005.

Historical Listing of Baronial Officers

§ Barons and Baronesses
§ Seneschals
§ Exchequers
§ Chroniclers
§ Heralds
§ Marshals
   § Knight Marshal (Heavy Weapons)
   § Rapier
   § Archery
§ Ministers of Arts and Sciences
§ Ministers of the List
§ Chancellor for Youth Activities (formerly Minister of Moms)
§ Chatelaines
§ Web Ministers

Historical Listing of Baronial Champions

§ Baronial Artisans
§ Baronial Bards
§ Baronial Brewers
§ Baronial Heavy Weapons Champions
§ Baronial Rapier Champions
§ Baronial Archery Champions

Historical Listing of Baronial Awards

§ Onore del Ponte d'Oro (Award of the Golden Bridge)
§ Onore del Ponte d'Argento (Award of the Silver Bridge)
§ Onore del Ponte Nero (Award of the Black Bridge)
§ The Order of the Garland

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