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Dwayne Eckman
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Barony of Ponte Alto's Arms

Baron and Baroness of Ponte Alto
Master Naran Numuchi and Baroness Marie Therese Normand
(Nicholas Freer and Mary Bowles)
(703) 836-5654 (M)
baron AT and baroness AT
baronage AT

Their Excellencies of Ponte Alto,
Naran Numuchi and Marie-Therese Normand,
Noyon and Baroness, welcome you!

Note from the Barony

14 August

Greetings Fellow Pontoons!

Ponte Pennsic Camp was pretty amazing. Everyone chipped in with chores, and there didn't seem to be any particular drama. Our Baronial partners (Windmasters Hill, Storvik, Black Diamond, ( but unfortunately Alonzo and Alys d'Avignon could not join us.) worked well together in set up and tear-down. In particular, kudos to Lord Heinrich von Holstein, Lord Hakon brimill, and Lord Kelson Mor. Nominally supervised by Graciela V. Hutchings, the meal plan was super, and I never once wanted(except for Lamb night at Beast and Boar, which I skipped in favor of eating in camp) to eat anywhere else.

The evening campfires were great, and I sensed real camaraderie. the common tent was well set up for meals and socializing. It was excellent to see our friends from Roxbury such as Scott Seronello and Christina Nolan. We hope to have camp improvements next year.

Martial Activities: Lord Hakon, Lord Kelson, Lord Heinrich, Brian MacMonigle all fought hard and brought glory to the Barony. Brian's FIRST Pennsic, he tried to do all things, and managed to fight, and even shoot his Populace War points. Lord Hakon entered the Known World Squires Tournament, intent on doing it bareheaded, but reconsidered, and fought well. (The epic part was really the sprint in full armor across the battlefield back to camp to retrieve his helm. I half expected him to appear with some sword he pulled from a stone on the way....) Lord Heinrich nimbly dodged 6 ballista bolts in the Bridge Battle (he was being targeted by Clovenshield which makes me reconsider the wisdom of hosting one of their fighters in our camp- looking at you, Thorwulfgar Uvaerkaller........ ) I commend our fighters for doing a great job of fighting in as many battles as possible while juggling the other tasks of running the camp all in the same time.

Lady Sof'ia Dolgorukaia and I competed in the Pennsic Period Bow Shoot ,which went well, but we had to leave early to prepare for Opening Ceremonies/Procession. I won the Period Handbow division of the Pennsic Flight Shoot, no impressive distances this year, but an amazing shot with a hard left turn of the arrow into the bushes, and my record stands at 289 yards.

Our thrown weapons champion did not compete, and I beg the forgiveness of our rapier fighters for being unable to attend their competitions, I will do better next year. Vivats to Lord Kelson, Lord Hakon, and Lord Heinrich for their Barons' Awards of Excellence, scrolls signed by all three baronial units. And to Lord Kelson for his Coral Branch for his culinary feats, which while not unlauded by multiple stomachs, had hitherto escaped note from the kingdom level. Also Vivat to Lord Ronan mac Imair for making the East side's archery team for the Champion's shoot!

I doubtless left out some people, apologies.

Naran Numuchi, Noyon

Baronial Whims


He has no known allergies. He is partial to meads, wines, and well peated single malt scotches. Chocolates of all kinds. Prefers seltzer over still.


NO JOKE ALLERGIES: Alcohol and Wool

LOVE: Hot Chai Latte's from Starbuck's, Chocolate, Root beer, Bottled Water, and most Fruits and Vegetables. I eat healthy to stay in fighting form. Meats I like boiled, baked or broiled but not fried as long as I can't see blood we're good.

Favorite color: Sky blue or Gold/Yellow

Favorite fabric: Linen

Favorite themes: Hearts, Bridges, or the Barony

Largess is always needed for every term of service, and I would encourage everyone to contribute in some small way so I can show off all the incredible talent Ponte Alto has. Also, tag the item so I know who to thank or promote.

Baronial Progress 2022

Mar 5th Kingdom University Mebane, NC Naran
Mar 12th-20th Gulf Wars XXX (Gleann Abhann) Marie-Therese
Mar 26th Defending the Gate 2022 Spotsylvania VA Naran & Marie-Therese
Apr 1st-3rd Coronation of Cuan and Adelhait Boonvile NC Marie-Therese
Apr 9th St. Paddy's Day Blood Bath Vienna, VA Naran & Marie-Therese
Apr 22nd-24th Revenge of the Stitch VII Chestertown Road MD Naran?
May 7th Atlantian Spring Crown Tourney Leesburg VA Naran & Marie-Therese
May 14th Highland River Melees Frederick MD Naran
May 21st On Target Annapolis MD Naran
May 27th-30th Ruby Joust Ashland VA Naran & Marie-Therese
Jun 11th & 12th Summer University Lynchburg, VA Marie-Therese
Jul 8th-10th Storvik Novice and Unbelt Tournament Upper Marlboro, MD Marie-Therese
Jul 29th-Aug 14th Pennsic War IL Aethelmarc Naran
Aug 27th Skewered Gaithersburg, MD Naran
Sep 9th-11th Trial by Fire and Royal Archery Glen Arm, MD Naran
Sep 17th Fall University Mineral, VA Naran & Marie-Therese
Sep 23rd-25th Battle on the Bay Upper Marlboro, MD Naran & Marie-Therese
Oct 1st Fall Coronation TBD Naran & Marie-Therese
Oct 18th Stierbach XXIV Baronial Birthday Celebration : Charging of the Crimson Bull Spotsylvania, VA Naran & Marie-Therese
Oct 11th-16th War of the Wings Boonville, NC Naran
Nov 4th-6th Crown Tournament Bennetsville, SC Naran
Nov 11th-13th Swamp Wars Courtland, VA Naran

Baronial History

View the Baronial history of Ponte Alto

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