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Ponte Alto Events

Check out what's happening in Virtual Atlantia!

Virtual Wild Hunt 2021


ATTENTION! Official Ponte Alto rapier and armored/heavy practices are resuming. Please see their respective pages for details.

The status of other activities (including Newcomers Night and Populace Gathering) remain suspended/on-line at this time. We will update as soon as there is any change to this status!

In the meantime, please do check out our calendar for virtual activities hosted by Ponte Alto, as well as the Virtual Atlantia web-page for other on-line events!

Kingdom Events

The Kingdom Event Calendar lists all registered events in Atlantia.

Ponte Alto Activities

For your convenience, all known monthly activities are displayed in the Baronial Calendar.

Directions to Ponte Alto's local activities may be found on the Directions page.

Populace Gathering (and Business Meeting)

Meets: the fourth Sunday of every month. For specific dates please reference the Baronial Calendar.
Location: TBD on a month to month basis. Location to be added to calendar and publicized via social media as available.
Time: Typically 5pm-6pm or 6pm-7pm. Please consult the calendar for the time of any specific meeting!

Everyone is encouraged to attend the Barony's Populace Gathering!

Newcomers Meeting

Newcomer's gatherings are open to everyone old or new. No garb required. Come hang out, talk, meet new people. Feel free to bring a project to work on.
Meets: Once a month. For specific dates please reference the Baronial Calendar.

Scriptorium and A&S Night

Meets: the fourth Monday of every month following that Sunday's business meeting. For specific dates please reference the Baronial Calendar.
Host: Baroness Adina and Baron Drogo
Location: please contact Baroness Adina von der Heide at adinavdh [AT]
Time: 7-9pm

Scriptorium and A&S night open for anyone to bring a current calligraphy, illumination, or other A&S projects or for A&S discussions and ideas.

If you are interested in joining and need the location information please contact Baroness Adina von der Heide at adinavdh [AT]

Baronial Progress 2021

Sep 18th Kingdom University virtual Naran & Marie-Therese
Sep 24th Battle on the Bay Upper Marlboro, MD Naran & Marie-Therese
Oct 2nd Trial by Fire / Royal Archer Glen Arm, M Naran & Marie-Therese
Oct 9th Wild Hunt virtual Marie-Therese
Nov 20th Holiday Faire Manassas, VA Naran

Baronial Whims


He has no known allergies. He is partial to meads, wines, and well peated single malt scotches. Chocolates of all kinds. Prefers seltzer over still.


NO JOKE ALLERGIES: Alcohol and Wool

LOVE: Hot Chai Latte's from Starbuck's, Chocolate, Root beer, Bottled Water, and most Fruits and Vegetables. I eat healthy to stay in fighting form. Meats I like boiled, baked or broiled but not fried as long as I can't see blood we're good.

Favorite color: Sky blue or Gold/Yellow

Favorite fabric: Linen

Favorite themes: Hearts, Bridges, or the Barony

Largess is always needed for every term of service, and I would encourage everyone to contribute in some small way so I can show off all the incredible talent Ponte Alto has. Also, tag the item so I know who to thank or promote.


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