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Seneschal's Badge

Seneschal (President)
Lord Hákon brimill (David Hultman)
seneschal AT

Deputy Seneschal
Master Marcellus Capoziello da Napoli (Bob Capozello)
(703) 975-9146 (H)
deputyseneschal AT

Governing Documents

The main governing documents of the SCA, Inc. are Corpora, the By-Laws, Corporate Policies, and the Articles of Incorporation. The Kingdom of Atlantia expands on those documents in Kingdom Law and Policy. The Barony of Ponte Alto expands on Kingdom Law through our Baronial Charter and our Financial Policy.

Open Baronial Officer Positions

Currently the Barony has several positions it is looking to fill (or fill soon!).

Openings include:
Social Media Officer (The barony is looking for a replacement!)
Deputy Herald (especially a court herald!)
Deputy MoL
Deputy Chancellor of Youth Activities
Deputy for Demos

Please contact the the individual officer or the Baronial Seneschal for a position you are interested in or for more information.


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