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The Charter of the Barony of Ponte Alto

Winifred Corbet de Wynterwood - Or, a pall azure between three ravens rising to sinister, wings elevated and addorsed sable Brian du Bois Breton - Quarterly embattled argent and vert, in bend two harps vert and in bend sinister two stages springing argent. Niall McKennett - Sable, on a dexter hand couped at the wrist apaumy fesswise Or a heart gules, a chief indented erminois. Conor MacLean - Per fess azure and argent, three swans naiant in fess and two claymores in saltire all within a bordure embattled, all counterchanged. Andrew MacGregor - Vert, two wings conjoined and inverted and in base an open book argent. Meghan Pengwyn of Wynterwood - Gules, an Emperor penguin close to sinister proper. [Aptenoytes forsteri] Bleiddian y Llwynonn - Argent, a wolf's head, erased and sinister facing, on a chief triangular azure, an incresent argent. Maelgwyn y Trafeiliwr - Per bend sinister argent and vert, two bars embattled counterchanged, in base a lily Or. Gwyneth Maeve of Falconguard - Argent, a saker hawk migrant to base proper, on a chief embattled gules, three lilies Or. [Falco cherrug] Thorvald Gundaarsson - Vert, a raccoon rampant proper. [Procyon lotor] Cosimo of Venice - Or, a garb of three oak branches between two linden leaves inverted vert, all within a bordure rayonny purpure. Otho d'Auvergne - Per pale gules and argent, in fess two garden roses, slipped and leaved, counterchanged, a chief triangular sable. Magdalene Galway - Per pale argent and vert, a rose barbed and seeded and a bordure rayonny counterchanged. Enid nic Eoin - Per pale wavy argent and vert, a seahorse erect to sinister azure and a hippogriff salient argent. Madoch di Messina - Per pale azure and gules, a camel couchant to sinister between three goblets Or. Mathila of Amersham - Vert, a bend sinister argent, semy of needles, eyes to chief, sable, between six decrescents argent. Gwion ap Owen - Per chevron argent and azure, three hawks stooping, wings elevated and addorsed, within an orle counterchanged. Bruno von der Eiche - Sable, an oak leaf bendwise sinister vert, veined and fimbriated argent. Thyri de Peel - Or, a tower and on a chief vert two churchbells Or. Wolfram von Solingen - Per bend sinister gules and argent, a cross bottony Or and a double-headed eagle displayed, maintaining a sword and a scroll, gules. Tor von Butterberg - Or, a Latin cross couped fretted with a delf voided gules, on a chief embattled vert, three harps argent. Rachel Ravenlock - Per fess sable and argent, in pale a plate and a sprig of three cherries gules, slipped and leaved vert, all within a bordure counterchanged. Elise Dominque Clairmont - Purpure, a sword proper, on a chief argent, three fleur-de-lys purpure. Ranulf of Waterford - Azure, two chevronels between three cross crosslets fitchy argent, a chief ermine. Caitlyn O'Duirnin - Per fess argent and vert, two dolphins naiant fesswise in annulo within an orle counterchanged. Teleri Talgellawg - Or, semy of roses gules, on a pale sable three goblets Or. Robert of Earthdelve - Per fess ragonny Or and azure, in chief a narwhal embowed sable (note=colored wrong on charter) Padraig Brian Muadhan - Argent, on a pall between three shamrocks vert, a crescent Or. Cedrin Etainnighean - Gules, twelve penguins passant, wings addorsed, proper. [Speniscus sp.] Herveus d'Ormonde - Vairy sable and argent, a phoenix gules rising from flames proper within a bordure gules. Megan O'Donnelly - Azure estoilly, a wolf couchant to sinister argent. Ian McPhelan - Azure, a rabbit rampant to sinister ermine, playing two recorders Or. Laeghaire O Laverty - Vert, a tygers head erased sable fimbriated Or. Ysabeau Cameron - Per pale Or and gules, two hippogriffs combattant counterchanged. Barony of Ponte Alto - Per pale sable and Or, in pale a single-arched bridge and a laurel wreath, counterchanged. Charter Text (Read below) Baronial Charter Scroll

Scroll made by Gwyneth Maeve of Falconguard with help from Thorin aus der Schwarzrose.

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Charter Text

Baronial Charter Text


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