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Ponte Alto's Baronial Birthday Bloodbath

April 15th, 2023 (9AM - 6PM)

[image: The siege of Kiev by the Pecheneg Army, 968 A.D. Old Slavonic manuscript illumination.
Obtained from Granger Academic Educational Picture Archive"]

While the Posadnik and Posadnitza enjoy the celebratory tourney, treachery is afoot. The joyous celebration turns to bloodbath as rebels rise up, sides are taken, and battle begins! Come fight, help us celebrate Ponte Alto's baronial birthday and enjoy a day themed around the 9th and 10th century Rus!

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Ponte Alto Baronial Birthday Bloodbath
Date: April 15, 2023
Location: Nottoway Park, 9537 Courthouse Rd, Vienna, VA 22181
  • Martial activities and authorizations beginning at 10am
  • A&S competition combining 9th-10th century Rus and Ponte Alto themes
  • Slavic games
Martial Activities
    Martial Schedule:
  • 9:00AM Marshals' table opens and Lists table opens for authorizations
  • 10:00AM Heavy Bear Pit & Rapier Valhalla Melee begins
  • 11:00AM Rapier "Never Won a Tourney" Tourney
  • 12:00PM Break for Lunch
  • 1:00PM Heavy Melee commences & Rapier Black Sword Tourney begins
  • 2:00PM Rapier Coin Exhibition Tourney
  • 4:00PM Lists close

A&S Competition

Rivers were important trade routes for the 10th century Rus: Kiev’s Dnieper river, Novgorod’s Volkhov River, the Volga and others served as highways taking boats piled with merchant goods feeding both silk road trade and commerce between the mediterranean and baltic regions. Bridges and rivers go hand in hand, and our barony is fond of bridges, as Ponte Alto means High Bridge.

So for the Ponte Alto Baronial Birthday, we ask that you bear bridges in mind. Bring out ANY A&S entries of things you love, in any media! Documentation appreciated, feel free to use EZDoc (available here). But know that, in addition to judging with the Atlantia A&S rubric (available here), extra points will be awarded for items bearing any of the following:
  • the colors of Ponte Alto (yellow/gold and black)
  • references to bridges, or
  • elements of 9th or 10th century Rus culture
    A&S Schedule:
  • 9:00AM A&S submissions open
  • 11:00 Slavic Gaming Tables open
  • 1:00PM Bardic Circle opens
  • 3:00PM Gaming Tables close
  • 4:00PM Pick up A&S submissions

~~~~ Details ~~~~

FEAST: Prepackaged snacks included with registration. Participants, please prepare a personal picnic lunch as no feast facilities are available on-site.

MERCHANTING: No merchants permitted by park regulation.

  • Adult Member Registration -- $10
  • Adult Non-Member Registration -- $15
  • Youth $0
  • Child $0

Make Checks Payable To: SCA, Inc., Barony of Ponte Alto

REGISTRATION NOTES: On-site registration only, by Cash or Check. NO Credit Card payments possible. Refund Policy: Refunds must be requested in writing within five days of the event. Refund requests are sent to the Baronial Exchequer (exchequer AT

SITE: Nottoway Park, 9537 Courthouse Road, Vienna, VA, 22181

Site Restrictions: NO ALCOHOL. This is a state park and there is no alcohol permitted. ALL STATE AND FEDERAL COVID19 mandates and restrictions will be enforced or you will be asked to leave the event without the possibility of refund. Site is dry. Pets are permitted on leashes. Tents may not be staked and participants should bring pop-ups.

EVENT STEWARD: Scaighagh na Anglesey (Susan Kruger), 7932 Gambrill Ct, Springfield, VA 22153, E-mail:

RESERVATIONS: No reservations necessary as preregistration is not available at this time. All registrations will occur at Troll. Please remember your membership card for discount.

Take your best route to I-66, West of 495 to the Nutley Street exit (Vienna Metro Station).
Follow signs to Vienna.
Go through three lights and turn left onto Courthouse Road.
The park entrance will be about a half mile up on your left.
Please enter at the main entrance just beyond the basketball courts.
Troll will be available as you enter the site from parking.
The fighting field is in the front of the park, next to or on the basketball courts along Courthouse Road.

Additional details available at the Atlantia Calendar event listing

Site Map

Local Lodging
Local Restaurants

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