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Victory on the Vine

June 15th, 2024
9AM - 4PM

Mountain Run Winery
10753 Mountain Run Lake Road, Culpeper, VA 2270

The Barony of Ponte Alto welcomes you to a day of fighting at a new-to-Atlantia site! Help us test drive a new site! Expect a fun filled day of melees and pickups and of course learning!


Morning Court
10:00 am
Arts & Science Drop Off
After Morning Court
All Martial Activities
After Morning Court
Target Archery Clout
11:00 am
1:00 pm
Afternoon Court
3:30 pm
Site Breakdown
After Afternoon Court

Please enjoy the site and venue after court as well.


  • Authorizations, Melee, Pick-ups
  • Armored, Rapier, and Combat Archery
  • Target Archery
  • Bardic: Victories, Battle Songs, & Fierce Fighters
  • Scribal: Illuminated Scroll blanks

There is no Merchanting or Feast

Site Restrictions: No one under the age of 21 can purchase or consume any alcoholic beverages under any circumstances. No visible intoxication allowed. Alcoholic beverages purchased on site permitted only. Please no drinking and driving. Access to the Stable Barn and Pole Barn are restricted due to concurrent events at the winery. No smoking in or near any structures. No dogs off leash.


Day Trip Only
  • Adult Member Pre-Registration: $13
  • Adult Member Registration: $15
  • Adult Non-Member: $25
  • Youth (6-17): $10
  • Child (0-5): Free

Make Checks Payable To: SCA, Inc., Barony of Ponte Alto

Registration Notes: Please include your modern and SCA name, Membership Number if applicable and what is included in your payment.

Cancellation Policy: any cancellation/request for refund made prior to the event date will be honored. All Cancellations/Requests for refunds must be submitted in writing (email is acceptable). No refunds are issued until the event books have been closed and/or all checks have cleared.

Event Steward: Hákon brimil (David Hultman)
14855 Leicester Ct, Centreville, VA 20120
Phone: (703) 4930630


Sing of victory and strength, shout wordfame of warriors true! Wield words for fun as fighters do their weapons, and be welcome at our friendly bardic circle.

While the dayshade will be up and available for musical performances all day, the bardic proper will start at 1 PM with a theme of Victory in Battle, Fierce Fighters, and Battle Songs in general. All are welcome to join in the bardic, or just to listen!


Before a warrior is welcomed to Valhalla, their accomplishments on earth earn recognition: in prowess on the field, in service to their fellows, in skill and dedication of craft. Indeed, there are many ways in which wordfame is wrought, and the notice of a valkyrie caught.

Hákon and Hrefna, noble Baronage of Ponte Alto, know that these commendations are one of Their more cheerful chores, and wish to ensure that They are prepared to give awards celebrating the brilliance of Their Barony. While not as impressive as Valhalla's golden halls, in Their courts They hope to inspire glimmers of such splendor and majesty. To that end, Their Excellencies are holding an illuminated scroll blank drive.

Each artist who participates in the drive by entering one or more illuminated blanks will receive a trio of paintbrushes as a small token of appreciation meant to further their artistic endeavours. The blanks will be displayed at the event, at which time a Populace vote will also take place: the three artisans whose blanks earn the highest number of beads will win another small prize. (Note that submitting more blanks will get you more brushes, but will not get you more Populace vote prizes!) At the end of the event all of the blanks will go with Hakon and Hrefna to be added into Their arsenal for Baronial awards, awaiting the words of a poet, the hand of a calligrapher, and the voice of a herald.

Please make sure to sign the backs of your blanks, and include your printed SCA name either on the back of the scroll or on a card sent with the blank.

If you are not able to be present at the event, you can arrange to have your blank(s) transported: please contact Cuno or Their Excellencies for more information.


  • Titan challenge
  • Single Death Scenarios
  • Resurrection Scenarios
  • Fortress Battle
  • 10 man (10v10) practice

If you are willing to marshal and/or usher, please volunteer!


  • Titan challenge
  • Pennsic-like Scenarios

Target Archery

Tis but a flesh wound

Join us for a Monty Python and the Holy Grail themed shoot!

Range opens for shooting & inspections after Morning Court. Clout shoot will be held 11 am. Clout will only be held in the morning due to site size restrictions.

Prize arrows will be awarded for each ranking.



Parking is near the fighting/lyst field as indicated on the site map.


The site has indoor restrooms with accessible stalls in the Greenlee Tavern. There will also be an outdoor portable restroom.


There are no stairs to access the portions of the winery reserved for the event, but walking is necessary to get between the fighting field and the Greenlee Tavern (100 yards) and to walk the winery grounds in general, which are lovely. Marshal activities will be on a partially sloped grassy area and within the fighting enclosure/lyst. There are some sloped areas overall at the site.

Site Map



From D.C./Northern Virginia Make your way to I-66 West Take Exit 43A to merge onto US-29 S toward Gainesville/Warrenton
Keep left to continue on US- 15 S/US-29 S, follow signs for US-17 S/Culpeper/Fredericksburg;
Continue to follow US-29 S
Turn right onto State Rte 718 Turn right on Mountain Run Lake Road
When you get to the Main House with a fork in the road, turn right for parking

From Fredericksburg/Richmond From I-95, make your way to Rt. 3-W Continue onto VA-3 W/Plank Rd
Merge onto US-15 S/US-29 S
Continue to follow US-29 S Turn right onto State Rte 718
Turn right on Mountain Run Lake Road
When you get to the Main House with a fork in the road, turn right for parking

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