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Baronial Artisan Badge
The Baronial Artisans of Ponte Alto

For Baron Ranulf and Baroness Caitlyn
Start Month Artisan
February 1997Aelfwyn of Whitby
February 1998Muireann ni Riordáin (Giuliana Salviati)
February 1999Renata von Hentzau
For Baron Donald and Baroness Winifred
Start Month Artisan
February 2000Elizabeth of Hadley Hall
February 2001Heather of Loch Raven
For Baron Thomas and Baroness Denise
Start Month Artisan
February 2002Luce Antony Venus
For Baron Marcellus and Baroness Belphoebe
Start Month Artisan
February 2004Allasan bhán inghean Fhaoláin
February 2005Marsaili Johnston of Lochwood Moss
February 2006Melissent d'Artois (Millicent Chandler)
February 2007James de Biblesworth
For Baron Jurgen and Baroness Flora
Start Month Artisan
February 2008Iohanna filia Iacobi
For Baron James and Baroness Katharine
Start Month Artisan
February 2009Geoffrey ap Clywd
February 2010Caitilin Irruis inghen ui Riada
For Baron Drogo and Baroness Adina
Start Month Artisan
January 2011Giovanna Rossellini da Firenze
February 2012Marcellus Capoziello da Napoli
February 2014Maria Chiara Dantini
For Baron Alric and Baroness Cellach
Start Month Artisan
February 2016Vadoma
February 2017Margaret Lad
February 2018Randall Clark
For Naran Noyon and Baroness Marie-Therese
Start Month Artisan
February 2019Ciosa di Tommaso
December 2020Briana Morgan of the Valley

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