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Baron's Award of Excellence

The Baron's Award of Excellence is given to recognize ... who have distinguished themselves to the Barony.

Awarded by Baron Alric the Mad and Baroness Cellach Mór

Tristan de Roquelaure (2/16/2019)

Awarded by Baron Naran Numuchi and Baroness Marie Therese Normand

Rónán mac Ímair (8/6/2019)
James Griffin (10/12/2019)
Kim of Wolfshaven (10/12/2019)
Sof'ia Dolgorukaia (12/14/2019)
Magdalena Pia (12/14/2019)
Séamus Ó Maoil Riain (12/19/2020)
Sof'ia Dolgorukaia (4/9/2022)
Joscelin d'Outremer (4/9/2022)
Briana Morgan of the Valley (4/9/2022)
Delphina the Mad (4/15/2023)
Graçia Esperança de Sevilla (8/10/2023)
John Angus West (8/10/2023)
Kelson Mor (8/10/2023)
Marcus Ansgari (8/10/2023)
Cassie Kung (8/10/2023)
Toria Thordenhertje (8/10/2023)
Frederick Thurstone (3/30/2024)


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