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The Barony of Ponte Alto Welcomes You!

How Do I Get Started?

1) Contact the Baronial Chatelain

Your Baronial Chatelain is there to help you get started. The Chatelain's job is to help you figure out basic issues like what sort of persona you want to have, answer questions, and direct you to people who share your interests. Please contact our Baronial Chatelain for more information.

2) Attend a Newcomers' Meeting

The Barony of Ponte Alto hosts a newcomer meeting every month, except August, usually on a weeknight at 7:30 p.m. Meetings are held monthly at the homes of various members of the Barony, and you may contact our Baronial Chatelain for directions to any given meeting.

Newcomers' meetings are a chance to meet members of the Barony, ask questions and hear a little more about all that the SCA has to offer. Sometimes, there will be a set topic for discussion, but more often than not, the discussion is directed by the interests of the people in attendance.

Newcomers can also attend our Newcomer Garb Nights. These sessions are held periodically to help newcomers learn how to sew basic garb suitable for wearing at an event. We also explore persona development and other aspects of how to get ready for your first event.

3) Attend Practices and Meetings that Interest You

The Barony has many weekly and monthly practices for everything from medieval choral music to calligraphy to heavy weapons and rapier fighting. Most of our practices are open to all comers regardless of experience, and it's the ideal place to start learning about the parts of the Current Middle Ages you are most interested in. The Barony provides a list of weekly activities along with a monthly calendar of events to help you get started!

There is also a monthly Baronial Business Meeting, open to everyone. They are a great way to meet memebers of the Barony and learn more about what events we are planning, and how you can get involved.

4) Come to Local Events

Ponte Alto is fortunate to have many neighboring baronies in close proximity, so there is almost always an event within easy driving distance. Events are where you can see the SCA in full flower - fighting, feasting, arts and sciences displays and other medieval amusement. Most events require an entry fee, and you will be required to make a "reasonable attempt at pre-1600 clothing" (what people in the SCA frequently refer to as "garb.") When you plan to attend an event, be sure to contact your Baronial Chatelain first. Our Chatelain can set you up with garb to wear, and can make sure that there are people at the event who are available to meet you and answer questions.

You can find information about Baronial events by visiting the Baronial website. For information on Kingdom level events, and particularly to find out about neighboring Baronial events, check out the Kingdom of Atlantia Events website.

Some simple tips to make your SCA experience more fun...

  1. Ask lots of questions. No one expects a new person to know what things mean, or how to do stuff. But we don't know what you don't know unless you ask.

  2. Try stuff out. The SCA is not a spectator sport. It's about getting some hands-on experience in what the Middle Ages might have been, could have been, and (as many will tell you) should have been. So whatever interests you, try it out! We all have first tunics, first bouts on the list field, first times serving feasts. "Firsts" are hardly ever perfect, so don't get discouraged. Keep trying!

  3. Be Patient. There's so much new stuff. New people, new things, new lingo, new customs. It's easy to get overwhelmed or feel unsure of yourself. It's okay, we were all there once, we know how you feel. Don't feel like you have to learn everything all at once. Getting along here is really very simple. Until you really have a grip on all the titles, it's okay to call people "my lord" and "my lady" when you address them. If someone's wearing a crown (of any description) bow to show your respect. (Just a little one is okay for now). Be kind and courteous to everyone. You'll do fine.

Still have questions?
Contact the Baronial Chatelain

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